This exciting North East crime writing festival has grown out of very humble yet distinguished beginnings. In May 2014 three Icelandic crime fiction authors – Yrsa SigurĂ°ardottir, Ragnar Jonasson and Quentin Bates – generously agreed to come and talk about their work at The Congregational Art Gallery and CafĂ© in Rothbury, Northumberland. That same Bank Holiday weekend, these authors were joined by 6 more wonderfully supportive UK crime writers – Mari Hannah, Melanie McGrath, Aly Monroe, Zoe Sharp, John Lawton & Samantha Norman – and the Times’ literary critic Barry Forshaw, to celebrate ‘Crime Saturday’ at Newcastle’s Literary & Philosophical Society. During the course of the afternoon the audience was asked if this festival should become an annual event and if so, what should it be called - Newcastle Noir it was! And as they say, the rest is history…

Thanks to the generous support of a grant from the Northern Rock Foundation and an anonymous donation from a French screw making company, we were able to ensure that the festival grew considerably for 2015 with over 30 panelists and moderators, making the first official Newcastle Noir a truly memorable occasion.

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