Thursday, 3 May 2018

Big Twists, Little Tales

The crime genre is so flexible, lending itself to so many different deliciously devious forms. Carol Walker and Jessica Fairfax are two emerging North East authors who have explored crime writing through the short story to produce a fabulous volume of intriguing tales of mayhem and mystery. We're thrilled to have them as part of Newcastle Noir 2018.

As well as collaborating on various projects, including their Big Twists Little Tales anthology, they also write independently and are currently working their first novels. Jessica is writing a crime thriller with a paranormal sub plot and Carol is working on her crime novel with psychological undertones.

While writing their novels Carol and Jessica are never far apart. They find time spent together is invaluable. In discussing ideas, plotting and planning or writing, two heads are always better than one, providing a personal sounding board for each other - with their bestie by their side.

For more details on Carol and Jessica go to Authors 2018

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