Thursday, 29 June 2017

Newcastle Noir 2017

The summer is upon us, even though the rain lashing Newcastle today would make you think we are in November! The Newcastle Noir team is already preparing for the 2018 festival but we are so soft-hearted that we can't quite let go of 2017, so let's reminisce with the wonderful pictures taken by Dona-Lisa Healy!

  • Opening Night

Denise Mina

  • Geordie Crime

Shelley day, L.J Ross, Matt Wesolovski and Howard Linskey


Lilja Sigurðardóttir, Sarah Stowell and David Swatling

  • Tartan Noir

Jackie Baldwin, Jackie McLean, Lin Anderson and Ayo Onatade

  • German historical fiction

William Ryan, Kat Hall, Luke McCallin and David Young

  • Nordic 1

Kjell Ola Dahl, Thomas Enger, Nina von Staffeldt, Antti Tuomainen and Quentin Bates

  • German Noir

Cay Rademacher and Wulf Dorn

  • Children's crime fiction

Katherine Woodfine, Laura Wood, Ann Landman and Lyn Gardner

  • Crime, fact and fiction

Helen Pepper, Margaret Murphy, Mo and Mari Hannah

  • Domestic Noir

C.L Taylor, Michael J. Malone and Louise Beech

  • New Blood

Sarah Ward, Tana Collins, Michael Wood and Shelley Day

  • Tartan Noir

Russel D. McLean,  Douglas Skelton, Neil Broadfoot and Michael J. Malone

  • Nordic 2

 Jerker Eriksson, Camilla Grebe, Johana Gustawsson and Håkan Axlander

  • Thriller

Luca Veste, Steph Broadribb and Paul Hardisty

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