Friday, 27 May 2016

Noir at the Bar - More crime writing fun in Newcastle

Noir at the Bar comes to Newcastle for the first time on Wednesday, 1st June, but the concept has been around for about eight years. Peter Rosovsky started Noir at the Bar in Philadelphia in 2008 with Jed Ayres and Scott Phillips starting the second chapter in St Louis. Since then, N@tB has appeared all over the US including Brooklyn, Seattle and LA. 

Glasgow hosted the first UK N@tB thanks to Jay Stringer and in March this year, Carlisle becoming the first place in England to host this event. Now, it’s the turn of the North East. 
Regardless of where it’s held, Noir at the Bar is about collecting readers and writers of crime fiction in all of its guises, putting them together in a bar and letting them mingle. Depending on which Noir at the Bar you visit, the set-up can vary. The Newcastle event will feature a host of authors – both new and established – reading snippets of their work. There’s no requirement to be published in order to read at N@tB, similarly guests can read anything so, even if they’ve had a book published, they can read from their Work in Progress if they like. 

In-keeping with the spirit of the event, the organisers hope to create a community of writers and readers. Writing doesn’t tend to be a particularly social aspect but we’ve found that writers actually relish socialising, especially with people who appreciate their work. Noir at the Bar hopes to provide an opportunity for readers and writers to talk to one another as well as listen to some work.  
There’ll also be the opportunity for writers who aren’t on the bill to enter the wildcard round. One lucky reader’s name will be drawn at random and they will close the evening with their reading. 

When picking the line-up for our initial foray into N@tB, Victoria Watson asked writers she was familiar with from the region as well as inviting Tess Makovesky and Graham Smith, who appeared at Noir at the Bar Carlisle in March, to pass on the torch. 

The great response so far shows that there is a thriving community of readers and writers of noir in the North East. It’s been so popular that they’re already booking guests for Noir at the Bar NE #2

Noir at the Bar is happening on Wednesday, June 1st at the Town Wall pub (Pink Lane, Newcastle). It starts at 7pm but space is limited so get there early to ensure you don’t miss out!

When talking about this event, please use the hashtag #noiratthebarNE

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