Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Time for Crime: Writing Workshop with Valerie Laws, 26th April 6-8, Lit & Phil

A gathering of assorted people intent on murder, in the Lit and Phil, on a wet snowy night - it could be the start of a Golden Age crime novel, and who knows, several novels and stories may emerge from the twenty writers who attended my Workshop last night. 
The old massively-carved tables had been arranged in a long line, as if some League of Assassins were expected. Some attendees had dabbled, or tried, crime fiction, and others were hesitating on the brink of villainy, as I assigned writing exercises to produce Chandleresque 'first lines' to grab the reader by the throat, to create villains, and to evolve their detective protagonists who might become as famed as Vera, Lord Peter Wimsey or Jack Reacher. 
I was not slow to remind them of one of the joys of crime writing, REVENGE! on school bullies, cheating exes and abusive bosses. 'Favourite tip tonight "Murder them horribly"' posted one on facebook later, one who may need to be silenced... bwahahahaha!   
Valerie Laws

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